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 Having trouble seeing at night while driving? Check out our lighting solutions to help you see better.

HID headlight kits: HID( High Intensity Discharge)  headlamp kits are available for all types of vehicles. Unlike halagen bulbs, HID does not use a filament. Because there is no filament the bulbs are not susceptible to vehicle vibration damage. The HID bulb creates light by bridging an arc between two electrodes,instead of heating a filament. This lighting is similar to energy transfer when lighting strikes. The arc stimulates the xenon gases producing an intense bright white beam of light.

HID’s are 3x’s brighter and use 33% less energy. They increase night time visibility,allowing safer night time driving. HID bulbs last longer then OEM style bulbs. last

LED light bars: We carry several brands of LED light bars to fit your vehicle. LED light bars come in several sizes to fit your vehicle,quad or hyw tractor.

Work lights: we carry seveal brand name work LED lights to help you see at your jobsite or off the back of your work truck. LED work lights are made with a heavy diecast case,come with the IP67 rating for dust and water proof and also a polycarbonate lens to protect from rocks or ice hitting them.

LED interior lights are available not too. These bright lights make it easier to see at night inside your vehicle and also the floor incase you drop something. These lights are also available in white,red,blue and green colors.

Custom projector headlamps with halo rings : We carry Spyder, Recon , Anzo and IN-PRO. 

LED headlights for vehicle are the latest thing in automotive lighting. These are available for car, truck ,suv or now for your hyw tractor(semi).